Monday, April 25, 2011

PTBI Alang Sedayu Survival Camp 2011

PTBI Alang Sedayu Survival Camp 2011-04-25

55 brave students from Pusat Tuisyen Bestari Ilmu with 10 facilitators spend 2 days in Alang Sedayu Camp. The camp located in Gombak Selangor.


The Team

 Miss Salini - Principal PTBI Putra Perdana
Mr Arivu - Principal PTBI - Sri Manja with Mr Tinesh Admin Head of PTBI

 Mr Sri - Principal PTBI - Sri Manja
Miss Guna and Miss Malar - In house Doctors

Male Camp

Female Camp



The students arrived at the camp at around 9.30 and were brief on the DO and DONTS by our two facilitators Mr Sri and Mr Ari. The student were then arranged to their group and were explained again on the purpose of them being there.

Activities on 23th April

Activity One – Obstacles (11 am to 12 noon)

Students are timed on how fast they can complete the 3 assigned activities

a) Going thru a tyre

b) Blowing a wisel hanged on a tree

c) Crawling

Activity Two – Cooking for Lunch and Lunch ( 12 to 2pm)

All the students were ask to cook for their own lunch which consists of

a) Sardine

b) Cabbage

c) Fried Eggs

d) Rice

Activity Three – Jungle and River Tracking 2.30 to 4pm

Activity Four – A swin in the waterfall 4 to 6pm


Activities Five – Team Flag, Moto and Sorak

Activity Six – Skesta